2Max Fat Breaker


2Max Fat Breaker RM95

exlusive at www.slimaholic.com

Double Attack, slim the whole body by latest technology – more worthy than using 3 old version fat breakers together!

I. Double Attack Bye Bye muscle – Patent technology, trim the fat fat arms
II. Double Attack the leg – from hip to ankle – Enact Botox Alternative product effects, extremely effective to reduce fat in the thigh and legs
III. Double Attach any part of all body, a 360* new angle to body part slimming – The double effect can reduce fat in Back, Waist, Belly, and even Hip!

3 Unique Competitive Advantages

  • i) Latest Slimming Technology, Two points – Multi angle-round body slimming – Wow!
    The latest technological breakthrough lies in the history of fat breakers, as its unique technology and design has been awarded for patent in 8 countries. It is much better than merely drink and eat slimming products. For daily use, it will accelerate the effect of the slimming and beauty product that you are taking!
  • ii) Double Edge Fat Burn, Trim fat internal and external simultaneously – Wow!
    Its powerful result makes it be much more useful than slimming belt or any other slimming wearing. As 360* Fat Breaker with exclusive Radio Echo Effect, it can double attack the body fat internally and externally, reduce pounds, tighten skins, and trim fat fastly!!! 
  • iii) Sold over million pieces in first three months, tip off America, Europe and Japan – Wow Wow Wow!
    Every office at least has one, and its popular around every corner of Las Vegas Casio changing room. The Real Effect Fat Breaker whose popularity keeps it’s always in stock out. Don’t lose any chance for buying it, act now!


World-Class Breakthrough Benefits:

  1. 6 Worldwide Patented Technologies – structure and design patterns in over 8 countries.
  2. Sold over 1,000,000 units in first 3months – tip off across Europe, America, Japan in first three months after it launched.
  3. Unique Double Edge – the only Fat Breaker in world with double heads. More than a fat breaker with Multiple Double effect, it is also the Fastest in getting the Maximum effortless result.


  4. A new angel to all angel – 360* round body design / Combo Power Through.
  5. All Rounded deliver system – breaks fat both External & Internal.
    i. External – Tingling Sensation by electronic pulses-stimulation extent from 1-10 intensity.
    ii. Internal – Through the double head’s Radiant Echo Effect break the true fat inside the body, the only machine that actives inner muscle action in between two heads.
  6. Powerful Complex Programs
    •Double Tightening – Fast Skin Tightening
    •Double Strengthening – Double Fat Burning
    •Double Building – Deep Detoxification
    •Double Muscle Development – Double Powerful Bodyline Shaping
    •Double Acupuncture & Massage – Relax and Relieving
    •Total Body Sculpture – Total Body Solution Treatment


how to use it
1) Before using, install the Batteries Snap on the Electrode Pads to the Fat Breaker
2) Attach the adhesive pads
3) Attach the Electrode Pads to the desired Fat Burn Area of the Body
4) Massage Time: Maximum recommended massage time is 15 minutes per body part.

ON/UP & OFF/DOWN Buttons

  • ON/UP: Press ON/UP button to turn on and to increase the output simulation. Each pressing of the ON/UP button will increase the intensity of the stimulation by one level (1-10).
  • OFF/DOWN: Press OFF/DOWN button to turn off and to decrease the output stimulation. Each pressing of the OFF/DOWN button will decrease the intensity of stimulation by one level (1-10). 10 Levels in total.
  • The intensity of output stimulation 0-10 levels, the number “10” being the highest level of intensity.
  • Quick shut-off to shut off unit form any level, simply push the OFF/DOWN button and hold it down for 3 seconds – unit will automatically shut off after 3 seconds.


Product Reviews (from sasa.com)

While reducing weight side massage
While reducing weight side massage,it is very convenience for me.
Cathy, Thailand, 2010-11-18


Great product
I am on my second week using it, definitely feels mucles toning and inches shrinking. I have used similar product before they are always effective but I didn’t continue because of the crazy wires, this one literally just two points of the machine and not extra wire so it is very well designed. Regarding the pad not being sticky enough, all you need to do is to wet the pad with clear water and wait for it to dry then it will be sticky again like new.
Beauty, USA, 2010-06-17


electrical shock
the thing feels like electric shot, the glue doesnt stay too well, but overall pretty good
Ria Su, Sydney, 2009-12-30


Easy to use
It is very useful for those who want to slim,It can help tighten your muscle and keep healthy。
Ana , Australia, 2009-10-22


This is a nice little tool to use whether you want to slim your body or just to relax. For me, my arm is not fat but I still love to use it to keep it that way! It’s so simple to use and I use it when I’m watching TV~
Hedy , Vancouver, 2009-10-21


Purely powerful
I am 140lbs,and 160cm tall。My friend help me shop 2max via Sasa Web。 I use it to reduce 4 lbs after 1month
Daisy, LA, 2009-09-18


This small Fat Breaker is really good and helpful; it can turn itself after around 5 seconds automatically. Really help me save batteries if I forget turn it off.
Cindy , USA, 2009-09-18


It’s really amazing
I have bought pack set for SASA for 3 months. Firstly , I am suspicious of its effect. After using it for 3 months, 2max is more powerful than my imagination; it let me quite slim after all
Shelly , North Carolina, 2009-08-20


Fun and slim
2Max is much powerful then I expect, I use level 5 at beginning, that really shock me, it’s too powerful that I have to turn the level lower. Anyway, it’s very fun, and makes me quite slim after all,
Natalie , Melbourne, 2009-06-26


Not Bad – I was skeptical at first
At first I thought it would be too good to be true, that just sticking something to my skin would slim it down. but i had to try. to my surprise, it did work. kind of a tingling, feeling on the skin. it’s not a magic machine, but works well with combination of cream and exercise.
rosieposie, Vancouver, 2009-06-22


don’t know about the results because i don’t use that much anymore but it feels like a nice massage, i use program 6 the combination one and strength is the highest that i can endure, usually 4-5, probably need to do it everyday to see slimming effects
YeeTing Au, Edmonton, 2009-05-29
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2B Alternative into Arm and Body

2B into Arm and Body 100ml RM99

exclusive at www.slimaholic.com

2B uses a new Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formula activates EGF, HCA, Caffeine and Liporeductyl to reach fat cell as well cut it fast by a high speed burning, a effect much stronger than any fat burn machine does. Thus, remove the stubborn fat, find back your waist, and farewell to your bye-bye muscle.


AH3 – Knockouts “bye-bye muscle”
AH3 is one of the most shinning element, which developed as the highest effective injection-free ingredient on targeted body region slimming. The concentrated AH3 used in 2B is highly effective in tightening fat arms and waist muscle inch by inch, day by day, so not only stops sagging, also knockouts your bye-bye muscle, and further reduces the cellulite. It achieves an anti-winkle perfect slimming result.


EGF – Helps shaped body never retrieve
EGF is famous for its Double Refining System: Medical caring skin refining and Skin reconstruction refining, which originally made use in medical to speed up metabolism and refine burned skin. Now, combine Hyaluronic Acid into body on-shape building, ensure the body and waist stay slimming even months after successful treatments.

No Skin Irritation
In past, body purifying products mainly used Chili or ginger extras. However, 2B are based on the Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formula, which can be facilitated when skin adsorbing through Micro water molecule, so penetration can get much deeper and effect comes the strongest and fastest. Unlike Chili or ginger extract, it causes no skin irritation.

Aroma Therapy in detoxifying
Green Tea Extract is specially added into the ingredient, by applying it with a massage around your lower abdomen, can help better absorption and helps digestion for a purifying result, that can get rid of one of the main problem inside waist and arms.

Micro water molecule – G2
2B is always more professional than any products in the field of body slimming, as it has enhanced its water molecule *G2, by applying it, your skin even can feel absorption and warmth onto a deeper level. The smaller molecule will never make you feel stickiness on skin. You not only feel good, but also slim your arms and body at best statues.

HDP effect
Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) effect make you feel warmth after applying 3 to 5 minutes. The Heat can be adjusted by the volume applied on which should be the best suit you. If feeling uncomfortable, please wash it off and consult with doctor.

how to use it
Fully dry your body after shower and apply 2B into your waist and arms. For your waist, gently massage from lower waist and up for 3 minutes. For your arms, gently massage from your shoulder to your palm for 2 to 3 minutes until fully absorb. Cautions:
1.Do not use on any skin injury part.
2.For sensitive skin type, please test on small area first. And do not apply in the facial and breast part.
3.Only for external use. Please keep out the reach of children.
4.If any sensitive reaction occurs, please stop using it and seek for medical advice.
5.This product can conserve for 2 years under completely sealed. But once unseal, please use within 6 months in order to keep it at the best active statue.
6.This product contains high concentration of herbal extract, pregnant women are not recommended to use.
Aqua, Acetyl hexapeptide-3, Epidermal growth factor, L-carnitine, Caffeine, Garcinia cambogia, 1,3-Butanediol, Nioagin M (MP), Hyaluronic acid 95%, Arlamol HD, Glydant plus liquid, Corum 9235, EDTA-2Na, Liporeductyl (ES600), Tea time AF 14059, Red no.40 (0.5%), Yellow no.4 (0.5%), Allantoin, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (K2).

Product reviews ( from sasa.com)

good as it described
I got this from my sister, she was slender after use it. And it is really good for me, I am thiner than before. But I still need to buy one more, which will make me more thiner.
TOTO, India, 2011-01-04


Love the heat tingling sensation!!
Bought 1 when it was on sale, very satisfied with the result. It does what its described. In some part of more fatty body, the heat can last for few hours, make me sweaty, as if I am in sauna.. Meaning the effect is working!! Contents quite small, finished use whole tube in 5 days.
YeNNeY, Sydney, 2010-12-20
very good
i bought this for my boyfriend, my mom, my best friends. they all said it is good and effective ~ feels burning every time they use.
Eunice, FRESH MEADOWS, 2010-12-18


A perfect product for me!
Lily, HK, 2010-11-26


So crazy
It is very hot after using, burning the fat from my belly
Qing, USA, 2010-11-22


Burning so much
Good product for me to cut my fat on my tummy , i can tone the tummy every night when i use it.
Kelsey, India, 2010-11-17


Good product
I am so surprised for this product. And I want to buy this product for my sister.
Mikey, UK, 2010-11-11


Good product. It is cheap and really helps me. I am looked more beautiful than before.
Flory, England, 2010-11-08


It really works. Good.
Jinny, USA, 2010-11-08


Highly recommended
It made me thiner than before. My sister is using it now. Good product.
Lucy, Singapore, 2010-11-04


Really Amazing
It really did work on my arm. for 3 week’s using, there is more thinner than before
Celly, Singapore, 2010-06-23


i’d finish using one tube and now my tummy is flat~!! the effect on tummy is obvious, but cant really tell on my arms. n one tube probably use more than 2 weeks. i’d been using one tube for a month and i have not finish it yet~! guess it just depends on the amount u put.
dee, Australia, 2010-06-08


It works so far..
I just ordered a week ago and almost used half of the bottle. This product did not disappoint me. The burning sensation is comfortable and I already notices my belly getting smaller.
Chan, 美國, 2010-06-05
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2B Alternative Skirt Ready 120ml

2B Skirt Ready 120ml  RM99

exclusive at www.slimaholic.com


Is your new skirt ready?

What really matters is not a new skirt, but a glamorous body line under your skirt – Your legs. A pair of perfect legs makes you confident in wearing everything, both at work and leisure, so you need perfect your legs.

2B Skirt Ready is aimed for this perfection. It uncovers true appeal of attracting body shape, and covers any aging and body problems by drawing all attention to the perfect you, so are you ready for Skirt?

From Hip to Ankle, a Complete Treatment.

2B Skirt Ready has revolutionized its formula, adding ingredients that act as the strongest diminution for fatty tissue, by which a more professional approach targets to leg’s given muscle tension, dropsy and bad blood circulation problem, and rewinds legs pore, act as the first and unique magic balm for restraining leg hair growth. From Hip to Ankle, it improves the shape of body after 4-6 weeks application, targets both Muscular and Dropsy Type; brings you fresh and radiant legs.

Targets Muscular Legs

Brand new French Ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 scientifically proven to block signal transduction of muscle. Skirt Ready further enhances blood circulation, helping legs to get rid of excess water by its diuretics. The adipose tissue metabolism can then be activated, which slims your legs and releases your true charm.

New Benchmark to smooth and whiten legs. Removes leg hair.

Just a strawberry drop of 2B Skirt Ready perfects to nourish and hydrate your leg skin for 24 hours, providing necessary soothing active ingredients.

Your legs will get supple, smooth, and then whitened. It unclogs your pore, with its new unique Leg Hair-off Formula, which prevents leg hair growth at its essential skin. Skirt Ready weakens and even restraints your leg hair growth, which perfects your leg, and even perfects you for skirts.


  • Do not use on injured parts or wounds.
  • For sensitive skin, please test on a small area first. Do not apply in the facial and breast part.
  • If irritation or hypersensitive situations occur, please stop using and seek medical advice.
  • Once opened, the product should by used within 6 months for the best active status.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women considering the high concentration of herbal extracts.
  • Do not apply in head and forehead.
  • External use only. Please keep out of the reach of children.


Product Reviews (from sasa.com)

I love this product very much. Perfect product.
Eva, HK, 2010-12-02


It is unbelievable, i cut down 4cm
Cherry, Singapore, 2010-11-17


It is useful for me to lose weight.
Hanna, India, 2010-11-15


It very useful for my leg. I am so happy.
Sophie , Singapore, 2010-11-12


It made me more slender than before. I want to buy this product for my dear mom.
Tina, Turkey, 2010-11-05


Feeling perfect
I have lost 3cm from my thigh.
Shelly, Egypt, 2010-10-09


It Really Works
Amazing Product.. That’s the best slim product I’ve ever used. ..I Loved them soooo much. Next time, I’ll try the 2B for Leg as well.
Lingyin Dai, Adelaide, 2010-06-13


smooth legs!!!
The reason i used this product is because of the lesser hair and the tighten affect. so I would take a shower and exfoliate my thighs and legs and I would put on the product onto my thighs with circular motion until it’s dry. So far it’s been two weeks and I feel that it’s a little tighter than before and i shave it just to try out if the hair would grow slower. well im not sure on the hair slowing process but def. tighter skin.
lily, San Francisco, 2010-03-12

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2B Alternative for Face


RM 129.00

exclusive at www.slimaholic.com




2B for Face – Professional Treatment for face.

Improve your prominent jaw line.
Besides water retention, it is traditionally believed the cause of a prominent jaw line is an oversized jaw bone. However, according to plastic surgeons, the facial bone structure would not affect the overall size of a face significantly. An angular jaw line is more often due to the thickness of inner chewing muscles, which results in the protrusion of facial cartilages that causes undesirable jaw lines. Basing on this concept, 2B For Face from 2B Alternative provides a total solution for you.

Safer and more effective than bone reduction
Unlike common products in the market that only focus on water retention in the face problems, 2B For Face contains a brand-new French Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, which effectively weakens and thins out chewing muscles that cause a square jaw by topical application. It would make the jawline softer and more feminine. According to plastic surgeons, weakening the chewing muscles is safer and more effective than bone reduction surgery. It effectively resolves different facial problems and is therefore a common practice in Europe.

Total solution for facial recontouring
In addition to Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, 2B For Face contains de-swelling ingredients from the U.S., which accelerate lymphatic circulation and reduce double chin and facial swelling. Besides its re-contouring effect, Lipidure from Japan can also moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles. Melaclear 2 re-vitalizes the skin texture, leaving the skin velvety, elastic and radiant after use.



How to refine the facial contour with the professional recipe?
5 steps for professional facial contouring steps:

  1. First, the coix extract in the lotion reduces the facial swelling.
  2. Increase the water-holding capacity of the skin with Lipidure. The seaweed extract encourages the moisturized cells to organize well.
  3. Aloe extract and witch hazel extract tighten the skin and eliminate your double chin.
  4. The major active ingredient, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, keeps the chewing muscles tightened and prevents the appearance of pendant and loose jowl.
  5. Melaclear 2 and Ginkgo extract activate the bottom cells, increase skin elasticity and promote skin whitening.

Apply 2B For Face for 2-3 months, and your facial features would look firmer, the square face would disappear gradually and a slimmer facial contour be promoted.

how to use it
Apply 2B for Face once every day. After cleansing, apply 2 drops on each cheek and the chin. Massage upward gently into the skin until fully absorbed.


  • To keep the product activity, please finish the product within 1 month after the vial is opened.
  • Do not use 2B For Face on areas of wounded, broken, and burned skin. The product is NOT EDIBLE.
  • Please run a sensitivity test for sensitive skin types. If redness, swollen, itch or irritation develops, please stop using the product and consult with your dermatological doctors.
  • The product has a shelf life of 2-years when kept unopened at room temperature.
  • Pregnant women and children under 12 are NOT recommended to use this product.

Aqua, Butanediol, Melaclear 2, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3,Lipidure (Polyquaternium-51), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ginkgo Extract, Coix Seed Extract, Seaweed Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Propylene Glycol, Hyaluronic Acid, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Xanthan gum, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic acid Disodium, Fragrance

country of origin


Product reviews from sasa.com

The results may not be obvious at first but trust me, it does after a while! My friend said my face become slimmer which gave me the urge to buy it again! XD You might think it doesnt worth the price coz of the small amount but surprisingly, you can use it for quite a long time!
Wei Chi Chin, Docklands, 2011-02-14


It works!
I was very skeptical at how well this product will work since I have tried similar things on the market that did nothing. Didn’t have my hopes up that much but I did start noticing tightening and lifting around my jaw line and cheek areas within 2 weeks of using it nightly. It definitely has gotten rid of my double chin and made my cheeks slimmer too which is fantastic. I am on my second bottle now and most likely will continue since I’m very happy with the result.
Amy Y, Australia, 2011-01-08


So good, so wonderful
I love it so much, it has no side effect
Anthea, Thailand, 2010-11-08


It is best product I have never seen. It made more more confident than before.
VIVI, USA, 2010-11-07


Tighter, my chin
I love 2b for face,keep using
ann, Singapore, 2010-10-19


My chin seems to more tighter
Great!It really does work
Christina, Malaysia, 2010-09-29


Excellent Product
Amazing. Results prove..
M L Loh, SINGAPORE, 2010-06-10


easy to absorb, frangrant free
I saw results after 1 month, u hav to b realistic with ur expectations, it helps with the chewing muscles for sure, but not so much with cheeks/double chin. it gave more definition to the silhouette of my face! LOVE it~
Lisa, Auckland, 2010-06-04


I’ve used this for more than 3 weeks, and I think I’m starting to see results. The results is slow on me, but I think my jaw lines had become a bit firmer/slimmer. It is an non-greasy liquid. Leaves skin smooth and hydrated. I’ve only used up 1 bottle and still have 3 bottles to finish. I hope after I’ve finish, my face would look slimmer 🙂
Sara, Norway, 2010-06-03


Pretty Good
I noticed some effect after using it for a week. Not very dramatic but it works.
Cassie, USA, 2010-05-11


i always have turkey neck since i was young and been trying to get rid of it. til i stumble across this product so i give it a try and IT WORKS! i used it for 2 weeks now. altho the turkey neck is hard to see the result, my face looks noticeably thinner ( the cheeks, etc) love it! love it! highly recommend!
piamlove, Brooklyn, 2010-03-29
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